San Diego, CA

UC San Diego Health

Rick Friedman, MD, PhD, is a board-certified neurotologist, a specialist who treats neurological disorders of the ear. He is a world-renowned expert in the treatment of acoustic neuroma, a benign tumor that develops on the main nerve connecting the ear to the brain. In addition to leading the acoustic neuroma program at UC San Diego Health, he also treats meningioma, neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2), glomus tumors, hearing impairment, otosclerosis, Meniere’s disease, cholesteatoma, and chronic ear infections.

As a professor in the Department of Surgery, Dr. Friedman trains medical students, residents and fellows at UC San Diego School of Medicine. He receives funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for his research on the genetics of common forms of hearing loss.


Sacramento, CA

Zuda Yoga

Zuda's mission: "Our shared goal is to help you connect to your personal vision of your fullest life- transforming your personal power into positive change and action." Hana Russell, co-founder of Yoga Support, was blessed to have completed her first yoga teacher training, Open Your Heart, at Zuda Yoga. She knows all the amazing teacher's at Zuda hold the mission dearly, exemplifying it in each of their classes, and in life. Zuda has offered use of their private yoga rooms for our volunteer teacher staff to help rehab brain surgery patients in the Sacramento region- starting at just the age of 5. We are honored and humbled by this partnership.

Folsom, CA

Leap Yoga

At Leap we are committed to building a community rooted in compassion, love and truth. We want to support all of our students in creating their best life. Leap Yoga was born from a collective desire to encourage everyone to have the courage to “leap” and do those things in their life that make them feel vibrant, alive, happy, healthy & fulfilled! Simple though not easy, Yoga restores the balance lost in your life. If you’ve lost flexibility, or vitality and energy, gained unwanted weight or feel stress, yoga can help you to address these issues permanently. If you are willing, you can go beyond the physical to discover what’s happening within…


Northeast, MI

Arete Yoga

Arete's mission: "To help individual's reach arete in their life: "Arete", pronounced [ahr-i-tey], is the Greek word meaning to find excellence and fulfillment of purpose in life. To live up to your full potential in mind, body, and soul. Our classes enable you to unlock your fullest potential and true fulfillment for a peaceful soul, clear mind, and strong body." Owner, Hana Russell embodies passion and empathy and infuses these into the practice. Yoga has completely changed her life from the inside out. Having gone through many hardships in life, she has the ability to connect with others on a raw level to help your growth process begin. After experiencing multiple yoga teacher training's, she now helps other's through private yoga sessions and is the Co-Founder of Yoga Support.

Grand Rapids, MI

AM Yoga

AM was created to help you discover who you are by removing what you aren’t. Through yoga, meditation, service, community, and love. What else is there? AM Yoga uses these three elements (sadhana, satusung, and seva) to experience a state of I AM. It is what we teach, practice daily, and are committed to sharing with the world. Whether it is in our studio, in your business, in your home, at your event – we use this equation to help people to realize their highest state. I AM.

Grand Junction, CO

Half Moon Yoga

Half Moon is a space where all aspects of being human are embraced. What brings us together is our passion for living what we teach off the mat. Above all, we are a vibrant community devoted to being of service and doing all we can to make a difference in the world. Half Moon was founded by Linda Toth to be more than just a spot where people go to practice yoga. Linda created Half Moon to provide a space for community to grow and flourish- a space that both experienced and beginner yogis can feel at home and for people to come recharge, relax and press that reset button before they go back out into the world. Most of all, Half Moon Yoga is a place for people to come together with a common goal; to live more authentically.

Austin, TX

Wild Heart Yoga

Wild Heart Yoga is a warm yoga studio bringing the eccentric gems of Austin to life through yoga. Inspired by the beautiful city of Austin, the studio's boho vibe incorporates yoga, music and art to create a true yoga community of creative seekers. With two indoor studios and a magical outdoor yoga deck, there's ample space to unroll your mat and unfold your wild heart. A welcoming community for practitioners in any stage, from beginner to advanced, we look forward to meeting you on your yoga journey!