Find answers to the most common questions below. If you have a question which is not addressed on this page, please contact us so we can help you.

Do I qualify for the program?

If you have had any type of brain surgery, been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or have a brain tumor which has not been operated on yet, you qualify once released by your doctor for after-care.

What is the minimum age for this program?

The minimum age if 5 years old. All children under 18 must have a parent or guardian's consent to enter the program.

Is there any cost to me?

If you are accepted into our program, your classes will be heavily subsidized through donations from our wonderful supporters- the cost has been reduced from $60 to $10 a class. Other expenses you may incur are transportation to and from your yoga courses (if the class is not taken through Skype) and any additional items you decide to purchase from the yoga studio, such as bottled water, a mat rental, towel rental, etc..

How do I enroll?

The online application is quick and easy- just click this link to get started: Enroll

If accepted into the program, how long will the program be for?

Each person receives up to three months of classes, three times weekly.

How long does it take to hear back after I submit my application?

Please allow 5-7 business days to hear back from us. Once you submit your application we will be working to find the best yoga teacher match in your area or over ZOOM.

I haven't had brain surgery or a TBI, but I want to help others through your cause. How can I best help?

If you are a certified yoga teacher, we are hiring! Please apply on the Careers page. Please help by giving a donation of any size. 100% of proceeds go to helping others who have gone through the stressful and expensive experience of brain surgery or hospitalization from a traumatic brain injury. Most patients are so overwhelmed they don't even know how or where to find help. That is where we come in. We  are partnered with hospitals, yoga teachers, and studios across the US to advocate for the current gap in support and care after brain surgery. We also reach out through social media a strong online presence to connect patients to yoga courses designed specially for them and their needs to start their healing process.

I own a yoga studio, how can I partner with Yoga Support?

Please send us a message and and we will contact you shortly:

Contact Us

To become a yoga teacher with Yoga Support do I have to be certified?

Yes, you need to a minimum of 200 hours teacher training and your own personal insurance policy covering your yoga classes. From there, we will give you all the teaching and tools you need to make an impact in someone's life.

Is Yoga Support registered with the BBB?

We have submitted our application and are currently waiting for full review and approval.

Is Yoga Support on GuideStar?

Yes! Please visit our page.

What types of donations do you accept? How do I know you received my donation?

Donating is simple and easy on our Donate page. We accept any form of credit or debt card through the secure site with PayPal. You may submit a donation through PayPal using your own PayPal account or a credit card. You will receive an email from PayPal with your receipt for tax purposes. We also accept personal checks. To mail a check please see the details on our Donate page.